Leka backers, a new announcement is here!

Dear Backers --

I'm Ladislas, the co-founder and father of Leka.

In December, I had the pleasure of chatting over the phone with many of you, who were worried about not seeing their robots arrive, and who thought that I was no longer part of the adventure, gone at the time of the judicial restructuring at the end of 2018.

The reality is quite different, and that's why I wanted to send you, in person, our first message of 2022.

The Leka project between 2011 and today

The idea of Leka was born in April 2011, during my studies, more than 10 years ago. In February 2013, I started working on the project full-time. Since that day, I have never stopped working both on and for Leka.

In March 2019, when the project was taken over by APF France handicap, a non-profit organization recognized as being of public utility, I became an employee of the association and the Leka Project Manager. I rebuilt a team, we started the industrialization process from scratch in January 2020, resumed the development of educational content, without ever abandoning our commitment to you: to deliver the robots to you, the backers, when they become available. This commitment was officially made by APF France handicap in front of the Paris Commercial Court when the project was taken over.

2 years after launching the industrialization, almost 6 years after the Indiegogo campaign, after a worldwide pandemic that has been affecting all the actors of the electronics industry, your Leka is finally coming! 

I repeat:

Your Leka's are finally arriving!

On December 2nd we announced the official arrival of Leka, in the company of Claire Compagnon, the interministerial delegate for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, attached to the Prime Minister, the General Management of APF France handicap, and our Leka Experts, Aurore, Nagib, Laurence and Claire. We had the pleasure to welcome some of you in person, others followed our live stream on Youtube.

To remember the highlights of the Leka Launch day!

Live from the press conference
Live from the panels and the mini conferences

About shipping

Your Leka is now ready. All the components have been manufactured and tested. And before closing the transparent spheres hermetically, we are waiting for the final results of the safety tests and compliance with the standards and directives, which are mandatory for our type of product.

These tests are carried out by Bureau Veritas in several laboratories:

In Villeneuve-d'Ascq for toy safety: they check that Leka is not dangerous, that it resists falls, that if it breaks it is not injurious, that its chemical composition is not dangerous, that it does not burn, does not make too much noise, etc.

  • -The safety of the toy has been validated

In Pulversheim for the electronic, radio, EMC, and electrical safety: they check that the radio waves emitted by Leka comply with the standards, that the product does not disturb other electronic types of equipment and that it is not itself disturbed, and finally that in case of an electronic defect, it is not dangerous.

  • - The radio/CEM part (the most complex and challenging) has been validated
  • - The electrical safety part is in progress

And finally in Hong Kong (yes, you read that right!) to measure the photobiological impact of the LEDs we use to light up Leka.

  • - The photobiological impact has been validated

So now we are waiting for the completion of the electrical safety which should take another 2-3 weeks.

Once the validation is received, we will be allowed to send you your long-awaited robots! 🙂

So we are really on the last straight line. We now need to validate all the postal addresses before shipping the products.

For those who haven't done it yet :

Send us now an email to preorder@leka.io with your updated postal address.

You can also update it directly on the Indiegogo website.

The whole Leka team joins me in wishing you a very happy new year. We look forward to hearing what you think of our little Leka's.

Thank you for your support and patience.

-- Ladislas

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