Leka ❤️ APF France handicap

Since March 2019, Leka is part of APF France handicap!

The Leka team

Hugo Pezziardi
Mounira Boumessaoud
Ladislas De Toldi
Lucie Veber
Yann Locatelli
Hortense Ripoll

The Expert Club: educational content co-developed with experts

The first version of Leka has already been in use for a long time by our Expert Club, The Leka Expert Club is composed of special education professionals using Leka Alpha in their daily care. We are in continuous exchange with them to best meet the needs of our current users and future users.

As key players in the process of creating our educational content, experts of this club provide us with new ideas, enhancements and new content.

They participate in bi-monthly meetings with Leka's educational content and UI/UX team and complete a monthly questionnaire about their use of Leka.

Each quarter, they gather with the entire Leka team to brainstorm together and grow our robot.

They co-developed Leka

A product made in France

Leka is manufactured at APF Entreprises Alsace, an Adapted Company located near Strasbourg. It is therefore part of the protected and adapted work sector (STPA).

Did you know? Adapted Companies are required to hire 80% recognised disabled workers (RQTH).

A small robot for disabled children built by disabled people? The circle is complete!

APF France handicap, by and for people with disabilities

APF France handicap is a French association recognized as being of public utility, defending and representing people with disabilities and their relatives. 

Created in 1933 by four young people ready to “risk the impossible”, known and recognized until April 2018 under the name “Association des Paralysés de France”, APF France handicap is animated by humanist, militant and social values and a project of general interest, that of an inclusive and supportive society. The association works for equal rights, citizenship, social participation, and free choice of lifestyle for people with disabilities and their families. 

Two fundamental pillars guide its action: the inclusive approach and the rights-based approach.


APF France handicap's associative project “Power to act, power to choose” proposes five strategic axes for an inclusive and supportive society: 

  • Making rights effective 
  • Being an actor of an inclusive and supportive society 
  • Committing to the autonomy and self-determination of people 
  • Building together to be stronger 
  • Strengthening our participative dynamics

APF Entreprises

APF Entreprises is the network of companies of APF France handicap. It is also the first national network of the adapted and protected sector. Its mission: to guarantee sustainable social and professional integration for people with disabilities. 
Within the APF France handicap association, the APF Entreprises network is developing its policy of innovation and the management of new projects with a strong social impact, while maintaining economic growth, always with the goal of accompanying a maximum number of people with disabilities in employment.

APF France handicap in a few figures

0 APF Entreprises structures
0 adapted companies (EA), including our factory in Illkirch
0 establishments and services providing assistance through work (Esat)