You are a Therapist, adopt Leka!

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You're a professional

Associations, specialised centers, independent professionals, the Leka adventure is for you!

Tested, validated and co-designed with professionals in the field, we have designed Leka to assist you in your daily work. It will be a valuable tool in your toolbox. Many of you have already tried Leka in its alpha version and have seen the benefits of this effective and child-friendly companion. The new Leka offers you a more complete experience and naturally adapts to your working methods.

Leka offer :
a human and technical service

With Leka, we don't simply offer you a robot and an iPad application (iOS 14): we also commit ourselves to support you throughout your journey.

Personalised support

The Leka team will accompany you step-by-step in the development, implementation, and monitoring of your equipment project.

Free access to updates

Valid for present and future educational content. Leka offers an update every two weeks and a new activity every month.

Unlimited pro and user profiles

A single Leka can host an unlimited number of pro and child profiles, connected via the app.

Remote support

Leka's customer service is available by email and by phone by appointment from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Would you like to learn more ?

We would be delighted to organize a demonstration of Leka in your structure or office so that you can fully appreciate all its options.

To go further,

you can opt for our extensions (request an estimate) :

Customized training of teams, Customization of existing activities, Development of activities, Customized content

Leka would work miracles in your structure
but it is not up to you to decide ?

We assist you, you will find some documents that should help you here soon.

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You are parents or relatives

Leka may currently only be acquired by professionals. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to put us in touch with the caregivers who support you or your child’s reception structure. We will be able to present Leka to them and offer a demonstration together.
Leka is a tool that, just like your child, has a limitless world to world. We are constantly improving it, creating new activities and developing its features. Follow us on our networks to stay informed of progress.

Would you like to read a little more about Leka before you decide?
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