Do you have any questions?

Is Leka for me ?

Who can benefit from the solution?

The solution will allow children with neurodevelopmental disorders (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, intellectual delay or deficit, “ID”, children with language disorders etc.), motor, sensory or cognitive, to be accompanied towards the development of their autonomy, their cognitive skills, their communication abilities and their psychomotricity. Leka can also assist children with neurotypical disorders in their various learning processes from 2 to 5 years old.

What age groups is Leka suitable for?

We have designed Leka for children between 3 and 12 years old. However, this refers to their developmental age. Thus, during our tests in specialised structures in France, Leka has proven to be an extremely interesting tool for adolescents and adults with significant disorders. Leka is also used in day care centres and nurseries. It is a fabulous integration tool for young children with disabilities.

Is Leka only for children with autism?

The adventure began with ASD children. Then we realised that the disorders associated with autism could also be found in other disabilities. Bearing in mind that Leka will help the child on a precise need, we understood that we should not focus on the handicap or the diagnosis (trisomy, ASD etc.) but on the precise disorders where we can help the child.

Leka can therefore help these children to work on sensoriality, social interaction, communication, autonomy, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, etc. It does not matter if they are autistic, trisomic, multi-handicapped or not diagnosed. These children are different and because of this difference, they are left at the edge of our world. We offer a product that adapts to their needs. 

Leka is also a fun learning aid that all children will enjoy. All children encounter the disorders of exceptional children at some point in their lives. Leka has been designed to facilitate the sensory, cognitive and motor development of children with difficulties. It will prove to be positive whatever your child's abilities. 

Is Leka only for parents or professionals?

Leka is for both! Leka is a little companion for children that accompanies them and helps them to progress through play. The first Leka models to be sold are reserved for professionals (child development specialist, occupational therapists, psychologists, etc.). But they will be available for families later on. In the meantime, if you are a parent, you can put us in touch with the professional who supports you so that we can introduce him/her to Leka!

Is it possible to try Leka?

Leka is not available for trial for logistical reasons. However, it is possible to have an on-site demonstration by contacting our team at this address: We can also organise workshops with you and your children.

Leka, first and foremost a mediator. My child needs more human interaction, more visual contact. How would Leka be useful to me? In addition to being a new tool in the professionals' toolbox, Leka is a genuine third party in the relationship.

Its presence catalyses exchanges and communication between the child and the professional.

Leka can also be used in group games. It allows children to work on social interactions, turn-taking and collaboration.

Can we connect an accessibility tool to Leka?

Tests are under way for all hardware additions to our application, for example for the addition of eye control. We will keep you informed of the results. In the meantime, if your hardware is compatible with an iPad, there is no reason why it should not work with our application.

Can we add our own pictograms to the Leka application? No, it is not possible for the moment to add your own pictograms to the application. We have chosen to create the pictograms for Leka, and we will provide you with all the pictograms in paper version to be able to use them in other situations.

Leka first and foremost, a mediator

Are you attempting to replace the therapist or the parent?

Definitely not! Parents and professionals are the only people who can help a child progress. We provide them with tools to help and support them in this task, which requires their full attention! Leka plays the role of mediator and motivator, helping to give a child the desire to play and progress. It is up to the parents and professionals to make the best use of it.

Leka and other support methods

How does Leka fit into existing models of therapy, whether behavioural (such as ABA) or developmental? Do you advocate for any particular models?

Leka is not a new model of therapy or support, but a tool designed to facilitate the implementation of play-based methods that have already proved their value. These methods can be both behavioural and developmental. 

For the ABA method, Leka offers predefined reinforcers according to the child's preferences. It is also a very good tool for recording data concerning the child's behaviours. It can thus relieve some of the note taking, otherwise highly onerous in the implementation of ABA. 

For developmental methods, Leka is a very interesting game for the child. It is able to react autonomously to the child's initiatives and to encourage them. 

We do not advocate any particular method; we believe that several approaches and tools are often necessary in order to support a child effectively. Our meetings with professionals have allowed us to adapt Leka to various play-based methods, ABA, the Denver Early Start Model, 3i, Floortime, Play Therapy, TEACH, PECS etc.

My child has Asperger's, can Leka help and how?

Naturally, Leka can help children with Asperger's. Indeed, like children with other forms of autism, children with Asperger's may have difficulties in interaction and verbalisation as well as in understanding social codes. Thanks to its “personified” aspect, Leka facilitates work on symbolisation processes, communication and emotions. The application also features multi-player activities that allow children to play with Leka in groups, which promotes social interaction. It is therefore widely recommended for use in this setting. 

If you would like specific tailored information, send us a message so that we can answer you more precisely about your child's disorder.

What is APF France handicap?

APF France handicap is a French association with a history going back more than 80 years, recognised as being of public utility, defending and representing people with disabilities and their relatives. APF France handicap has humanist, militant and social values, but also a project of general interest, that of an inclusive and united society. As of 2019, Leka has joined APF. The goal was to support the families and professionals who helped Leka get started. This allowed a commitment to deliver the Indiegogo pre-orders.

Leka's options

Is Leka robust enough for children with behavioural problems?

Sturdiness is our number one criterion for the development of Leka! We are well aware that it may be thrown violently. Its thick shell is made of a special plastic that protects its mechanical structure and electronic components. Leka has been tested in terms of strength, and we have put it through specific tests on this point, including throwing it from a height of one meter 10 times in a row and being thrown down the stairs: Leka remains intact.

Can Leka be dangerous to health?

As with any luminous object, care must be taken in cases of severe, unstabilised epilepsy. Nevertheless, the alternating light effects are weak and the lights are soft. No epileptic seizures have been reported while using Leka. 

Leka has a timer and all activities can be locked, which helps to control its use and prevent potential fits of frustration. Of course, Leka requires adult guidance in its use.

Technical questions

Does Leka work with an Android tablet?

No, Leka is not compatible with any Android tablet. It is exclusively compatible with iPad version OS15. See the answer in the technical questions section in the FAQ " Does Leka work on any digital tablet? "

Does Leka work on any digital tablet ?

The Leka application is only compatible with iPadOS 15.

We recommend a relatively recent iPad to be able to benefit from our and Apple's future updates.

The current version of the iPad is the 9th generation. It is available from Apple or your usual retailer:


If your iPad is not iOS 13 or 14 compatible, it means that it is from 2016 or earlier (4th generation or earlier) and that you have more than doubled its initial lifespan! It also means that from a hardware point of view for Bluetooth there may be incompatibilities with the Leka robot.

On our side, we try to follow Apple's updates as best as possible to benefit from features that on the one hand make our life easier, and on the other hand improve your experience as a user. All the while allowing us to be at the top of our game in terms of security.

The new iOS / iPadOS 16 version that will be released during October is compatible up to the 5th generation iPad that was released in 2017.

For owners of older iPads, we strongly advise you to buy the current version which will allow you to enjoy Apple updates for at least the next 5 years!

We have selected the iPad for several reasons:

  • product quality, durability and security,
  • quality of the application ecosystem on iOS for special education,
  • quality of the application ecosystem in general, opening up the possibility of other uses,
  • homogeneity of screen sizes and interfaces and therefore of the user experience (on the contrary for Android, there is a multitude of tablets and different versions that are difficult to manage)
    quality of tools for developers,
    We are convinced that the iPad will meet your needs in the future, whether they concern Leka or not!

Is the use of a smartphone or tablet mandatory to use Leka? Can I control Leka without the iPad?

No, the robot does not work by itself, it must be controlled from the iPad by an adult / therapist. Some activities do not require the child to touch the tablet at all and the interactions are done with the robot. On the other hand, will ask the child to come and interact with the app on the iPad.

How do I charge Leka?

Leka being in a sphere, ensuring him a solidity to all tests, we cannot connect it to charge it. The charge must therefore be done without wire. But in this case, the energy transfer is much weaker, hence a very long charging time.

That's why we recommend to put it back on charge after each use.

Other factors can greatly influence the charging time:

  • Leka's position on the base - if Leka is not properly positioned on the base, the two charging coils are not properly aligned and the transfer will be poor.
  • Room temperature - the charging base and the robot are equipped with a temperature measurement system that allows them to cut off charging and operation if the temperature becomes too high to avoid burns.
    When not charging, Leka naturally discharges like any electronic device and can reach 0% battery in 36/48 hours depending on the starting charge level.

As mentioned in the Leka First Steps Guide, we strongly recommend recharging after each use. The Leka discharges itself even when not in use, and putting it on charge will allow you to use it whenever you want.

Does the Leka application require a lot of storage space?

Leka does not require a lot of storage space and a low-cost iPad model may be sufficient. The important thing is that you can always update the tablet and the application and that it is compatible with iPadOS 15.

Do I need a constant Wi-Fi connection to run Leka?

The tablet and the robot work via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Wi-Fi will only be useful for regular updates of the application, and the addition of educational content. It is therefore perfectly possible to use Leka without an internet connection.

Can several professionals use Leka in the same center ?

Absolutely! You can set up several professional accounts as well as several children's accounts in the application. You can create various professional profiles and child profiles according to different criteria so that Leka adapts to your use and for a better follow-up of the child's progress. Thus, several professionals can use a single Leka.

Is Leka easy to use?

Leka is extremely easy to use as well as extremely intuitive. What’s more, we will guide you step-by-step through its set-up and use. However, if you want to go further in your knowledge of this new tool and to be able to integrate it in your establishment project, there are training sessions led by our experts and organised by APF Formation.

How much does Leka weigh?

Leka is heavy enough not to be mistaken for a balloon... but light enough to carry easily. It weighs approximately 1 kilo.

What about my budget ?

What is included in Leka's offer?

  • a Leka robot with its recharge base,
  • a set of 60 magic cards,
  • access to educational applications
  • up to 100 professional accounts on the application
  • up to 100 beneficiary accounts (children)
  • Please note that the iPad is not included in the box. We advise you to invest in a relatively recent iPad to benefit from our future updates and those of Apple.

Are there any grants or aids available to help me finance Leka?

As a medical-social institution, you can apply for a grant to finance your Leka. We will provide you with the necessary information to do so. The Rotary Club and Lions Club, for example, have already funded this type of project. Moreover, Leka is totally in line with the ARS’s drive to equip establishments with digital tools, which you can thus use as a persuasive argument. 

For the moment, health organisations are not reimbursing purchases of Leka, but discussions are ongoing and we will keep you informed of developments.