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Entering the child's world

Leka is ergonomically designed to be as intuitive as possible. Thanks to its special plastic sphere, it is particularly resistant to falls and made for all children's emotions.

With its 18 cm diameter (the size of a handball), Leka can be rolled. It lights up in different colours to show its joy and encourage the child.

Our interactive robot can be used in individual sessions for work, in group workshops for play, or as a sensory tool for relaxation. It acts and effectively improves cognitive skills, sensoriality, psychomotor development, communication and social interaction.

It is also a playful learning tool that all children can enjoy. It can be adapted to any child's abilities!

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The application: educational and accessible

Leka respects HAS recommendations and is based on the most advanced methods of support and care: ABA, TEACCH, Denver. All the activities are designed by experts in special education to encourage children and stimulate them positively. The objective is to help the child progress thanks to a “no-failure” teaching methodology that does not block the child's learning.

The Leka application offers five different uses, which you select when logging into your profile. The choice of one or the other depends on the needs of each professional and each child in a specific situation.

Activities :

a unique synergy between Leka and educational content
Leka's educational content currently offers 72 different edutainment activities for children! And the principle? The activities are fun and give the child the feeling of playing while having a specific learning goal. They enable you to work on targeted skills. For example social interaction, cognitive skills as well as fine and gross motor skills through sensory stimulation (colored lights, vibrations, sounds, etc.).

You can use each activity in multiple ways depending on the educational objectives. The therapist can thus adapt the instructions and the level of difficulty to each child and each situation.
These activities have been tested and validated by our experts, who also regularly suggest improvements and new ideas. We are working on the development of new educational content on a continuous basis. Our Expert Club holds a dedicated meeting every 15 days to discuss and validate these contents.

63 new activities were recently validated! They are currently under development and will soon be added to the application. The available on the application of the application is thus under permanent construction.

Examples of our pathways

loto des couleurs
Colour Quest
danse freeze
Freeze Dance
piano coloré
Music color board

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for personalised and adapted follow-up
Leka's educational activities can be grouped together and used with a development purpose and follow-up of the child.
This is where the pathways come in! They are a series of activities, from the easiest to the most difficult, put together to create a pathway. These pathways are designed to guide the child systematically towards a key skill. Leka currently offers six pathways that allow children to work on a variety of skills such as moving in space or describing their environment. Monthly updates regularly complete and improve this range.

Break down
learning into lessons of progressive difficulty

strong guidance and then gradually reduce it

learning without failure

Examples of our pathways

How does Leka facilitate the organisation of the work of professionals ?

Leka helps to keep the child's attention with immediate and adapted sensory reinforcers 
Leka centralizes the educational content  
If the professional wishes, Leka guides him/her during the whole session thanks to precise instructions and diagrams  
Leka keeps track of the child's achievements and progress within each pathway 

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Other ways to use Leka


Story mode is a good transition to enter a work phase with Leka. Activities are inserted into each story. While getting familiar with the robot, the child begins playing with it.
Découvrez la commande fléchée

The commands

The tablet becomes Leka’s remote control, a unique interface to control the robot perfectly. We offer seven control options! These options enable you to familiarise yourself with Leka and introduce it to your child. This is also an opportunity to choose a reinforcer for the child: movements, vibrations, relaxing lights, and colors... The sensory reinforcer chosen should be the one that motivates the child the most.

Child mode

With this mode, the child can use Leka independently. Like a big child, he has access to some activities that he can play alone. He also has the possibility to command Leka remotely and to see it move around in space. This mode is designed to be as easy to use as possible. But the child can of course use the whole application in the presence of a professional or an adult.


RFID tags

RFID tags allow for greater interactivity with Leka. Some of the educational activities developed by professionals require the child to choose a card or an object and bring it to the robot for it to recognise.

To meet this need, we chose to use RFID technology. The small tags can be slipped or stuck to objects (coloured cubes...) or cards (pictograms etc.). The robot detects the tag linked to the object or the card presented. It then recognises automatically if it is the right one or not.

Who is Leka for?

Children with special needs

Leka allows children with neurodevelopmental disorders to be assisted towards the development of their autonomy, their communication skills and their psychomotricity.  

Leka is thus primarily aimed at children of all ages affected by:

  • Autism and ASD  
  • Mental and cognitive disabilities  
  • Motor disabilities and multiple disabilities  
  • Learning disabilities 

The professionals who support them

Occupational therapists, psychomotricians, physiotherapists etc. Many of them are already working with us thanks to the alpha version of Leka. The activities offered by Leka will effectively adapt to your working methods.

The Adèle de Glaubitz association explains its vision of Leka :

And tomorrow, the families and entourage of these children

Leka's mediating role facilitates interactions between the child and his entourage. A Leka in the home means so many opportunities to play together and to share moments. When it becomes accessible to families, it will also allow parents to follow their child's progress, whether at home or at the therapist's.

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