As professionals, you are always looking for tools to facilitate learning and develop the skills of the children you are teaching.

"First steps with Leka", magic cards activities, find here all the practical resources for the use of your little robotic companion, which you can download by clicking on the buttons.

We also share with you our pictograms, developed by our teams, so that you can use them on a daily basis outside of your time with Leka.

Do not hesitate to give us feedback on these different documents.

Magic cards activities

This document includes the activity sheets for our activities using Leka's magic cards.

On each card you will find an activity with its written and illustrated instructions.
You can print them out and plastify them to use them as a support during your sessions with Leka!

First steps with Leka

The user manual helps you learn how to use Leka. It is available as a manual, it is in the packaging and it comes with the robot. You can also download it here.

It describes all the material needed to use Leka.
It explains the different steps to load the robot, to download the iOS application and explains how to connect the robot to the iPad by Bluetooth


The Lekatalogue lists the educational content of the iPad application.

It presents the pedagogical challenges of the activities, routes, commands as well as the stories available.
You can organize your sessions with Leka thanks to the Catalogue!


The pictograms were designed by the Leka team to be part of our activities. They are available in a variety of themes: animals, musical instruments, household objects, clothing, food and many other categories...
The objective is to allow you to work on image recognition and vocabulary acquisition with the children you are working with.