Leka gathers features of existing solutions to create a new unique solution


Leka moves.

Its spherical shape allows relaxing movements and its makes it easy to interact with.


Leka’s eyes and the presence of several LEDs of different colors display emotions that the child can understand.


Leka can talk. Images displayed on the screen are chosen to facilitate comprehension and communication.


Sensors and personalized options allow Leka to react to children’s interactions.

Sensory Stimulations

Leka makes lights, sounds and vibrates.


  • Simon Says

The robot’s quarters and ears are highlighted in a defined order, the child needs to touch theses portions in the same order to switch them off.

  • Color tag

the robot lights up in a specific color and asks the child to bring it to the same colored patch on the wall. This can be used as a transition aid between different activities or locations.

  • Remote Control

The child uses the tablet as a remote to make Leka move.

This application helps improve the child's ability to follow the robot while it's moving in space.

  • Guidance

The child needs to move Leka as indicated by the visuals cues

Development of new apps:

more tests in schools will be led all over 2017


Other features:

Timer, Night light, …