• About the Product

    • What is the recommended age for Leka?


      Our observations have shown great results with children from ages 3 to 6.
      Although we believe in early childhood care, Leka can also fit the needs of exceptional grade schooler and teens (from 6 to 18).

    • Is Leka only designed for children with special needs?


      Leka is aimed at helping children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, intellectual disorder, “dys” or other learning disabilities.
      Leka is aimed to work on autonomy, communication, cognitive skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills.
      Though it was designed with children with special needs in mind, Leka is suitable for any child between 3 to 6 years of age.


    • Can Leka bring benefits to a child with high-level functioning Autism?


      Leka can also help high functioning children.
      Indeed, just like many children in the spectrum, Asperger children may encounter difficulties in interactions and verbalizations, as well as understanding social cues.
      Leka brings benefits through its expressive face and allows children to work through the process of symbolization, communication and emotions.


    • Have you ever considered letting adults playing with Leka?


      Yes, we have done observations with adults with Autism in France, and we received good feedback.
      However, all the educational activities that we develop today are focused on children with special needs.


    • How does Leka meet to the needs of exceptional children?


      All of our applications are based on gold standard therapies and teaching methodologies for exceptional children. This allows you to set guidances and reinforcers specifically designed and adapted to your child
      Leka offers a wide range of stimulations in a way that even children with restrictive areas of interest will find their own source of motivation in it. Leka plays music and sounds, portrays emotions, shows pictures or pictograms, lights up, moves and vibrates, and can speaks with a programmed vocabulary. Besides Leka's interactive responses, we are developing educational activities targeting the specific needs of children, such as motor, cognitive, social, and emotional disorders.
      Leka is also committed to doing pilot studies with practitioners to receive input, refine our applications, and educational activities over time.


    • How durable is Leka?


      The outer sphere is made of polycarbonate (the same material used for plane windows) so it won't break and will resist to scratches very well.
      Before our product is shipped to you, it has to qualify a wide array of rough tests. One of theses quality tests is that Leka must survive falling down a flight of stairs ten times.


    • Is Leka waterproof?


      Leka is not intended to be used in water. Nonetheless, Leka will be water resistant and will not be affected by water spills or small water projections.

    • What do we mean by “Leka’s primary behaviors”?


      Neutral Happiness: Outside of games and exercises Leka will adopt a friendly and caring attitude, called neutral happiness.
      Fatigue: If Leka shows signs of fatigue, such as yawning or displaying sleepy eyes, this suggests the robot needs to rest on its dock station to charge or cool down.
      Sadness: If Leka shows sign of sadness, the robot is suggesting that repeated actions of the same intensity will put the product to risk, and critically damage it.

    • What colors will Leka be available in?


      Today, Leka is only available in blue. But who knows, maybe if we reach a certain goal, on a certain campaign, we could get more colors ;)


    • What is included when you pre-order Leka?


      Out of the box, you will get your Leka, its dock station, 5 easy-to-program RFID tags, a USB Bluetooth Dongle for your computer and an educational guide with information on how to effectively use Leka.

    • Why are you opening pre-orders now, when the product will not be shipped before another year?


      We have been testing and developing Leka for 2 years now, and we are on our final cycle to bring you the best possible product. Our manufacturing partner in France is perfecting the designs and making sure Leka is perfectly suitable for you! We expect this process to be a year long.Today we need your help to make this dream come true!


    • Can my child test Leka before I buy it?


      We would love to have everyone be able to test it before buying it. Unfortunately we can’t meet with every family personally.That is why we are partnering with a lot of organizations to set up demo days and have parents test Leka with their children.
      If you are part of an organization or an institution and would like a live demonstration, send us an email at “test@leka.io” and we will try our best to make it happen!


    • Who are Leka’s partners in the Autism community?


      We have several partners working with us in Europe and the United States to develop the right product for exceptional children.

       • Qualitative Studies: Special Education Schools in France La Résidence Sociale, Autisme Ensemble 95, AFG Autisme

       • Advisors on the application design: FEGAPEI and our Scientific Committee


       Events we attended :

       • Just Be You Walk for Autism, Sunday April 24, Autism Society of the Heartland

       • Heroes for Hope Race - Saturday April 23 The Early Childhood Special Education Center and other link

       • open house of Autism Society of the Heartland, Friday April 1st to kick off Autism Awareness Month

       • Blue Valley Special Needs Fair , Tuesday April 5

       • CEC2016, St Louis


    • What role does robotics play in Autism therapy?


      Children with Autism generally have a strong affinity for technology. Robots are used as tools to gain the interest of the children – to aid in their learning, motor & cognitive development, and/or rehabilitation process. Robots are often used as a combination of recreational, educational, and therapeutic purposes.


  • How to use Leka

    • How easy is to set up Leka?


      Out of the box, Leka will be in a sleeping mode. Ensure that Leka is in range of your household WiFi and connect it to the network via our Leka Platform on your mobile, tablet or computer. The Leka setup software provides simple on-screen prompts, you will just be a few clicks away from our service.
      Once paired, consult and access all of our games and educational activities on the platform. Pick a game and you are good to go!

    • How easy is it to use Leka?


      You don’t need to have a master’s degree in robotics and/or computer science, to be able to use and operate Leka :) Simplicity and accessibility are the core of our product!


    • Is using a smartphone, tablet, or computer mandatory to operate Leka?


      Yes it is. You need a device to select the activities you want to work with. It can be a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. On your dashboard, you can either select one applications, for example Color Bingo, at a time or create a playlist of several activities.
      Additionally, all activities can be played in “autonomous mode” or in “control mode”. Control mode allows you to remote control the robot’s behavior in real time.


    • Do I require Internet connection to run Leka?


      You will need WiFi for setup. Once a selected application has been uploaded to Leka, or that a playlist has been defined, Leka will be able to run without a connection.
      You will need an internet connection to download new games and playlist, or when uploading the data to our platform. This can be done through WiFi.


    • How long does the battery last and how does Leka charge up?


      Leka will start getting tired after 3 hours of intense play :)

      Leka comes with its own induction charging dock, which resembles a cradle or nest. When Leka’s battery runs low, you just have to put it on the dock station.

    • How do I switch Leka on and off?


      Leka will always be on, but can be put to sleep.To put Leka to sleep, simply place it on its docking station or just let it rest it for a few minutes. Leka wakes up when you touch it or shake it. Leka will open its eyes and adopt a friendly and caring attitude.


    • Is Leka able to answer to the child?


      Unfortunately, no. Leka is not yet able to do that. It can speak, but it cannot hear. Leka will speak when giving guidance and instructions or when congratulating the child (“Good Job”).


    • Is there a risk that Leka will induce stereotypies?


      That is something, like with every toy or tool, that can happen. We are working on the specific behavioral answer Leka will have, to respond appropriately to stereotypies. We are working on a feature so that an adult can define for each child what stereotyped movement requires a reaction from the robot, and setup this reaction.


    • Is Leka reinforcing robot-interaction instead of human-interaction?


      Leka is not supposed to be used only by the children. Leka is a teaching tool to help parents and therapists in their care, making it easier to engage and motivate the children in their learning activities and therapies. It is absolutely not intended to replace the caregivers in anyway.


    • How do I set up Leka according to my child’s needs?


      On the Leka Platform, the User Profile allows to adjust important basic parameters to meet the individual child’s needs. For example, you can preset the reinforcers to praise the child’s success.

      We do understand that every child is different and that some of them might find Leka's behavior to be overwhelming. That is why we made Leka both finely customizable and highly reliable. So you, as a parent or as a therapist, will be able to customize Leka to your child's needs.

      Example: If you don’t want any blinking lights you can turn them off. If you want to reduce the speed of the robot you can also do it. Tune the volume etc.


    • Will Leka still be adapted to my child’s need as he grows up?


      This is the core of Leka: being able to adapt to different levels and profiles! Thanks to the User Profile, you’ll be able to download educational activities that fit your child’s needs and follow their progress.

    • How can I be sure Leka will please my child?


      Our applications have been developed under the supervision of professionals, parents, and validated by our French Scientific Committee. However, even though most of the children who tested Leka liked it. We cannot guarantee that Leka will please your child. Our guarantee section goes into more detail.


    • Can I update the software and firmware?


      Yes, you’ll be able to update the software, as long as you have a WiFi connection.


    • Is Leka primarily for home or therapy settings?


      Leka targets both home and therapy environments. We are already working hand in hand with therapists to create special content for special education schools and therapy centers. These applications will be available for parents as well. Leka really creates a bridge between the home and school.


      For therapists, Leka opens the path towards more learning activities while for parents, we primarily focus on playing activities and activities helping to develop the autonomy.


    • Is Leka available for a specific kind of therapy?


      Leka can be used in several therapies, as we believe that many tools and approaches are needed to help a child progress. We developed our content and applications using the best practices in special needs interventions.


    • I have several exceptional kids, do I need several Lekas?


      No you don’t have to. You can set up several profiles on the same Leka through our monitoring platform. When starting to use Leka, select your child’s profile or the multiplayer game if you want your children to play together.


    • Would you recommend a maximum playtime?


      No you don’t have to. You can set up several profiles on the same Leka through our monitoring platform. When starting to use Leka, select your child’s profile or the multiplayer game if you want your children to play together.


    • Have any studies been conducted with Leka?


      Leka is being developed based on years of research in social robotics and developmental psychology. Our applications and games are designed under the guidance of our Advisory & Scientific Board in France and we have been performing different tests from user observations (6 special education schools, 40 children aged from 3 to 18 years old and 25 therapists) to anecdotal studies about user-centred design of educational activities with a robot (a three-months test performed twice in the same special education school).

      Working with the FEGAPEI organization and our Scientific Board, we will establish a pilot study to measure the impact of Leka on children with Autism. This study will take place throughout 2017.

      At the moment, we have seen in observations and heard from anecdotal feedback about the positive impact of Leka. As we grow in size and funding, we strive to incorporate scientific rigor and bring transparency to the results of studies conducted on our product as more people provide us with feedback and we complete more studies.


    • Is Leka a medical device?


      No it isn’t, Leka is not a medical device. Leka must be considered as a learning, teaching, or educational tool. Think of Leka as a new interactive tool for your therapy toolbox.


    • Is Leka reimbursed by insurance?


      Not right now, but we are working on it.


  • About the educational activities

    • Where do I find and download Leka’s educational activities?


      You can download Leka’s educational activities through our Leka Platform, available on iOS, Android and all Internet browsers.

    • What will be the educational activities available at Leka’s launch?


      Educational activities will help work on 3 main areas of learning: motor & intellectual skill development, communication, and autonomy. We are currently developing 7 educational activities and we plan to have 30 ready at Leka’s delivery time.


    • What will be the future educational activities?


      We are working hand in hand with professionals to develop the next generation of educational activities. We also want you to take part in this development. After the campaign we will set up an online platform to help you take part in the development. You will be able to give ideas, and feedback. You can’t wait to share something with us, please drop us a line at “ideas@leka.io”.

      We will keep you posted to when this tool is available!


    • How do we start an educational activity on Leka?


      You will need a device to select the educational activity you want to work with. It can be done through a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. On your dashboard, you can either select a game or educational activity at a time, or create a playlist of several games/activities.


    • How does syncing work?


      Yes it does. The Leka Platform will be available on every major OS. You’ll be able to download new apps, to setup the User Profiles and to remote control Leka if needed. It can be downloaded on any smartphone that is compatible with iOS and Android.

    • Can I choose the apps I want to pay for?


      Good news, you even don’t have to ask yourself this question: the applications are forever free for people that pre-order during the first month of this Indiegogo campaign.


  • About the Leka platform

    • What is the Leka Platform?


      Leka is brought to life via our platform. The simple user interface allows parents to set the user profile, get access to the Leka store and download new apps, track the children’s progress over time and exchange messages with professionals.


    • What data does Leka store and how does it store information?


      For now, Leka stores interaction information such as: time reaction, playtime, number of guidances and reinforcers used. The communication between Leka and its users is encrypted.

      The raw data is collected anonymously and is used to improve Leka’s behaviors. This also helps parents and therapists monitor progress. The security and privacy of this data is out uttermost concern to keep the children safe. The access to the child’s progress, as well as the observational data provided by the families, will only be granted by the families to the therapists and caregivers. The parents will have fine control on who can access what they have shared.


    • How many profiles can I add to a Leka and how do I manage them?


      There’s no limit to the number of profiles except the size of the memory. At least 20 different profiles can fit. The more applications each profile has, the less memory space available for additional profiles.


    • How will Leka evolve over time?


      We are continuously testing and developing new games and applications with professionals in the sector. Therefore our product and services will keep progressing as well.

      Every time an educational activity is validated, it will be made accessible on our Leka Platform for you to use.

      Leka and its platform are great ways to keep track of the progress your child makes. It is also a good way to make notes of the child’s environment. With some time you will be able to uncover certain patterns in your child’s behavior.

      In some sorts, we will always be progressing together!


  • About the price, production and shipping

    • When will Leka be shipped?


      The current Leka is still at the prototype stage, but our final version is being manufactured and will be industrialized by late December 2016. Following this it must pass all legal standards and once these are validated, we can start the pre-series production in February. Leka will be shipped the second quarter of 2017. Which is one year after the pre-order campaign.

    • How much does Leka cost?


      During the campaign we will be offering an exclusive price! The super early bird price will be $290 (in limited quantity) and the regular price will be $490. The price when the product is shipped in 2017, and outside of this campaign, will be around $690.


    • What about parents who cannot afford the robot but have kids that can really benefit from it?


      We are working with our partners to find the best solution. As of today an interesting mean would be to reach out to your local Autism Society and ask for a grant. We will keep you posted each time we have a new solution!


    • What are the guarantees?


      As a backer, you will always have a special place in our hearts. That's why we guarantee after your unboxing our entire availability, to ensure that our product suits your child.

      For every pre-order during the campaign, the following will be included:

       • During the first 3 months, we will guide you through the use, and best practices with our product. Together and with our experts, we will make Leka one of the best tools you have for your child! Nonetheless if Leka still doesn't work for you or your child before the end of that period, you can request an inspection, send us the product back and we would reimburse you for the product.

       • You will also be offered a 3 years limited warranty, in case something goes wrong with Leka. You’ll be able to send it back and we will repair it or replace it with a new one.


        That’s how we want to thank you, for taking the risk with us :)


    • What if my child doesn’t want to play with Leka anymore?


      If before the end of the first 3 months your child doesn’t like Leka that much, you will be able to send it back to us and we’ll pay you back the full price.

    • What should I do if the product shows any sign of damage?


      Within the first 3 months, we can take it back free of charge and reimburse you. With each Leka we provide a 3 year limited warranty, which warrants the Physical Product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 3 years from the date of received shipping. Under this Limited Warranty, if a hardware defect arises and a valid claim is received by Leka, we’ll exchange the Product with a new or refurbished Product up to three times.


    • What if Leka brakes ?


      As a backer, you can also buy our Leka Care at a special price of $79 instead of $149 in 2017.

      Our Leka Care warrants the Physical Product against any accidental breaks under normal use for a period of 3 years and applicable once the shipment is received. If your child breaks Leka, you can request an inspection of the product, so that we can repair it or send you a new one. You will only have to pay for the $69 deductible. This guarantee covers the replacement of your product up to 3 times, after which the guarantee is voided.


  • About the Developer Edition

    • How is the Developer Edition different from the Classic Edition?


      As a developer, you will have access to an industrial prototype before everybody else. You will also be the first to test our tools and SDK. You’ll have a special voice with us as you’ll help us make Leka the best robot companion available.

    • What programming language do I need to know?


      The base level software of Leka will be written in C++. At the beginning, applications will be written in Java or C++. As we move forward, we’ll add new languages like Python, Javascript or even Scratch for children to learn programming. We are always open to explore new technologies and languages, let us know and let’s make it possible.


    • Can I develop my own applications?


      Once the product is in your hands, we will have an SDK available for you to access Leka. You will need the basics in programming.