We’re happy to have you on this journey of discovering the Alpha Program! This week, we will tell you everything you need to know about the origin of the program.

At Leka Inc., we are developing an interactive robotic smart toy designed for children with special needs, such as Autism and other developmental disabilities. We launched a pre-order campaign in 2016 and now have more than 300 pre-orders. Recently, we have reached an important milestone in our development. Our app is now mature enough to be used by parents and professionals, and the physical prototype is stronger and cuter than ever. Each time children play with Leka, magic shows up.

So we thought…

It deserves to be known by more people and we could no longer keep it just between ourselves!

Then, the Alpha Development Program was born! It is an opportunity for us to share what we’ve developed, give you access to Leka before the final version, and get your insightful feedback and ideas about the app, the activities, and the experience.

We’ve been working hard to make this possible. Here are a few incredible things Leka Alpha can already do:

Apps & Games

Already 13 activities are available to learn and to play.

Relaxing Lights

Leka Alpha can light up in different colors to reward and motivate children.


Leka Alpha can be remotely controlled and move around autonomously.


By placing RFID tags on everyday objects, Leka Alpha can recognize them adding more fun, more autonomy and new horizons to the activities.

Music (from the iPad)

Leka Alpha can play sounds and music from the iPad, communicating with the children joyfully.

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