What is the difference between Leka Alpha and the final Leka?

What benefits will I have if I join the Alpha program?

Can Leka Alpha be exchanged for the final Leka when Leka is brought into production?


After launching the Alpha Development Program, we've received these questions from Leka Family members like you. It's time for us to do something helping you understand our Alpha Program, and here we are! Join us each week as we pass along the feedback from participants in the Alpha Program, tell the stories of Leka Alpha with exceptional children, and share the tips, tricks, and advice we've picked up along the way.

Before diving deeper into what the Alpha Program is all about, there are three things you need to know:

A Selective Program

The number of seats is limited. We want to be sure that people participating will be at ease with a version that does not have all final functionalities and might evolve over time. Leka Alpha is not Leka but version 1.0 without all the final features such as the screen or the sound. You will need to perform certain tasks by hand like charging the batteries while opening the sphere.

A Collaborative Program

Every member can share their unique feelings and expectations. We will collect feedback from all the members, listen to their requests and share their suggestions with the community. You’ll be able to vote and tell what features should be built first.

A Quickly Evolving Program

We’ll do our best to update the Leka App at least every two weeks, taking into account your feedback, ideas, and needs.

We’d like you to meet Jérémy, Clémence and Ladislas. The 3 of them are working full time on the Alpha. Clémence is our designer, working on the mechanics, the 3D printing, and the production. Jérémy and Ladislas are working on the app and on the robot's software.

Of course, it's not just them. The rest of the team is also super excited and helping as much as they can every time there is an opportunity. Some have even developed a passion for pasting the cute Alpha stickers on the packaging!

Discover Who is Making Your Leka ALpha

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With Love ❤️
Clémence, Jérémy, Ladislas and all the Leka Team