Dear Leka Family!

You have not heard from us for a long time? We’ve been super busy developing Leka and its application. As you know, it takes time and efforts to develop an intelligent product like Leka because we want to be absolutely sure that it will live up to your standards as parents and caregivers.

More and more people were asking us if they could start using Leka’s prototype right now, instead of waiting for the final product, even though the prototype does not have all the features and the robustness available yet.

We took a deep look at those requests and have been trying to figure out good solutions ever since.

After testing and discussing, we came to the conclusion that that we have reached an important milestone in our development journey. Our app is now mature enough to be used by parents and professionals and we are improving it and releasing new features every week. The physical prototypes are now stronger and cuter than ever and each time children play with them, magic shows up.

Now we are happy and proud to announce that we are officially launching our Alpha Development Program.

This will be an open and co-developing journey for you and our team, sending Leka into your hands as quickly as possible to get your insightful feedback and ideas about the app, the activities and the experience. We can improve and personalize Leka together over time. It is a great opportunity for you to start using Leka now and contribute your own ideas to the final product which will be released next year.

As we said above, Leka Alpha is our first version, so it does not have all the feature of the real Leka. For example, the screen and the touch sensors are not available yet. But the app that we have developed does not need those features yet. That means you will be able to use Leka to its full potential. You will need to perform certain tasks by hand like charging the batteries and changing the sphere every now and then.

If you are interested, you can apply here:

The team will review every application because the number of seats is limited. The entry ticket for the program is €990 / $1,080USD to cover the costs of manufacturing and shipping.

We are looking forward to your applications and get Leka into your children’s hands right now!

With ❤️
From the Leka Team.