Last month, we launched our Alpha Development Program. The program will be divided into several batches and will last from June to December 2017. The team will thoroughly review each and every application because the number of seats is limited to fifteen per batch. That allows us to make sure that every participant can get enough support and fully express their opinions and feedback on the product.

Since Day One, more than 50 people, including parents, professionals and even developers visited the website and applied online. The first fifteen persons for the first batch have just been selected! For those who are not selected and newcomers, the following round application is still open!

Through the Alpha Program, we will collect feedback from real-life conditions to improve our robot, app and the user experience. All participants will become members of a very private group of designers, technicians, professionals, and parents working together to make Leka even better.

“Focusing on every detail” has been our basic principle since Leka was born and the Alpha Program is no exception. Every member of the Leka team is nearly working 24/7 to provide you with:

  • robust and stable robot
  • flexible and personalized app
  • fashionable and user-friendly packaging
  • safe and timely delivery
  • simple and clear instructions
  • efficient and effective communication channel

Meanwhile, the first 15 units have already been produced. This summer, the first group of participants will receive their Leka Alpha. We cannot wait to see your kids’ happy faces, so please share pictures and videos with us. Let's record every important moment of your kids and our Leka together!

Important Notes:

  • It is a selective program because we want to be sure that people participating will be at ease with a version that does not have all functionalities, with the expectation that the device and its capabilities will evolve over time!
  • The entry ticket is €990 / $1,080USD just to cover the costs of manufacturing and shipping.
  • If you’re an Indiegogo backer, we offer you a new opportunity to change your order for the Alpha Development Program for free. This also means that you will not receive the final version of Leka. Following the previous announcements, you have three options in total and you can check more details here on INDIEGOGO Updates. If you are interested in applying, let us know and for any question contact us at

With ❤️
The Leka Team