Contribution from freelance writer Ross Geller
Every once in a while, the Leka Team is happy to welcome external contributors and share their food for thoughts. This post has been written by Ross Geller, a blogger who loves to write especially in the Parenting vertical. He has written many informative Blogs which you can find on Foxx life sciences. He has also written blogs in other verticals like personal development, unique gifting blogs, etc. His hobbies are travelling and exploring unique things.

Child development is the result of both natures of the child and the nurture that is bestowed upon him or her. A positive attitude and encouragement go a long way in building up the child. Besides that, every parent needs to identify the special unique qualities of the child and not compare him or her to other children.

In the following paragraphs, we will share with you some encouraging tips for building up your children.

1. Observe

As parents, you need to be observant of your kids. Spend quality time with them. Find out what their interests are and also ponder upon their hidden talents. Often children show different skills at different stages of life. But there could be one skill or talent or liking that remains constant. Be on the lookout for it. Interaction and quality time with your children pays off very well in nurturing your children and in shaping their future.

2. Be open to conversations


Interact as much as you can with your children. Children often get curious about many things. Children often ask small details and this leads to a trail of questions soon. But this very inquisitiveness will broaden the mindset of your children. So do not brush away those questions how much ever you feel they are silly or trivial. Rather try to answer them with utmost seriousness. Children simply know when you take them seriously. The more you listen with openness and acceptance, the more you will be successful in affirming your child as a unique individual. Show interest and understanding of their level of curiosity.

3. Applaud and Celebrate

Encourage your child's creative side. Do not judge but applause and give positive remarks whenever applicable. Celebrate your child's uniqueness. Show them that what they do matters to you. Even if the rock music gets to you or a clumsy drawing irritates you, look past the slight drawbacks and clap for your child. Provide praise and encouragement. Avoid being a critic. But yes, if your child is going on the wrong track, do not hesitate to help him or her to improvise. Do this with gentleness and 'I love you and care for you' attitude.

4. Do things together


There is nothing wrong with being like a child at any stage of life! Join your kids for some fun time and play with them. It adds to the bonding and besides when you have fun together you have something to talk about. You may even join your child in doing some creative activity together. The focus should be ‘to do things together'. You can find interesting play toys that can build them up. Along with the regular try some unique gift items and toys such as some cool science gifts which would fill your child with curiosity and wonder. This will also provide you with opportunities to do things together!

5. Help them to find their true passion

Expose your child to multiple activities, so that they can find their true passion. As you notice their inherent qualities, try to expose them to opportunities such as sports, music, art, drama, science, reading, visiting parks, nature trails, beach walking, swimming, museums, etc. If they become interested in something, encourage them and support them in their pursuit. But if they show a lack of interest, then do not feel disappointed. There must be something else they are good at. Try out other options.

6. Be patient

When you sow a seed, you have to wait patiently for the sapling to shoot up. It is the same with children. You need to be patient in your endeavor to nurture them and to bring out the best in them, Always be ready to try different things with them i.e. waste management, science experiment, art and craft , and more. Model and coach patience along with encouragement in the affirming of their abilities.

7. Unconditional Love

Last but not the least. Love unconditionally. Words of encouragement can be as simple as saying "I love you". Let your children know that you love them and are there for them even if they fail something or commit mistakes.

Enjoy your children for they are precious. Remember what you sow is what you will reap!
When you mold your child in the right way, you will achieve the task of raising them up into successful adults. Sow, plant and nurture. It does seem like a big task but in fact, it is not that difficult.