If you’ve had the chance to look at our brand new video, you probably heard what Ladislas, our co-founder and CEO, said about how Leka came to life:

“We didn’t get into robotics because we like the science, we got into robotics because we saw the potential to help children who need it most.”

To make sure we are bringing the most effective and helpful technology to exceptional children, we knew it was necessary to assemble the most experienced people in the educational field for guidance.

Today we are proud to announce Leka’s Scientific Committee, made possible through our partnership with FEGAPEI, a French national federation of important associations that service people with developmental disorders.

What FEGAPEI brings to Leka

FEGAPEI is a French federation, bringing together 4,000 structures and services for 240,000 people with developmental disorders and disabilities.

With the support of AG2R LA MONDIALE, a French insurance company, FEGAPEI helped us gather a Scientific Committee of 14 education experts, with some of the best researchers, therapists, caregivers, entrepreneurs and association executives.

This Scientific Committee will validate Leka’s applications, ensuring they fit the needs of every stakeholder – children, parents, therapists, and caregivers

With FEGAPEI, we’ll have access to their special education schools to test Leka’s applications.

Our Scientific Committee

Bringing people together has always been a part of our DNA at Leka! Today we’re very proud to present you the members of our Scientific Committee:

Stéphane BEAULNE – Professor at the University of Nipissing (Canada), editorial executive of the Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health, and ASD and Self-Regulation specialist

Josef SCHOVANEC – Researcher, writer, person with autism

Jacqueline NADEL – Director of Research at CNRS, Chairman of the CRAIF Scientific Committee and Chairman of the magazine Enfance

Michel BILLÉ – Sociologist and Disability Issues Specialist

Michèle CERISIER – Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, and Specialist in New Information and Communication Technologies for Learning

Gaele REGNAULT – Founder of LearnEnjoy, developers of tablet applications for children with autism, and a mother of a child with autism

Sophie BIETTE – Chairman of the association ADAPEI Loire Atlantique, UNAPEI administrator on autism issues, and mother of a teenager with autism

Nathalie GENIN – President of a special education school Ligue Havraise

Jean-René LOUBAT – Psychologist, author and consultant for health care organizations

Magali POTTIER – Chairman of the network Autisme T.E.D 276

Alain POUHET – Specialist in neurocognitive functioning and learning disorders

Bernadette ROGÉ – Professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Toulouse

Marine SCHWAB – Psychomotor Therapist at the Papillons blancs de St. Cloud

Julie TUIL – Speech therapist and autism specialist

For Leka’s development, we not only wanted to have researchers and therapists on our committee, but parents as well! As you can see from the impressive list above—mission accomplished! :)

Precious support

Our scientific committee will help us refine the educational strategy of Leka, and will validate the learning benefits behind every application. Ever since March, the committee has been working with us to define the particular skills that Leka will help children learn. FEGAPEI will manage the experimentation process for the first audiences that test Leka and coordinate the guidance of our committee.

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