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Leka's Story



1st prototype


new design with

Pulse & Pulpe


bluetooth LEDs design optimisation


1st tablet application on Android



Industrial call for bids Partnership with BSE in France

april >

1st industrial prototype


1st iPad application


new mechanical prototype final design

industrial optimizations CES showcase



New trials with special schools


final applications specs


Beta development program

to be continued...

  • > About

    Leka is an interactive robot designed for children with special needs, such as autism and other developmental disabilities.

    Leka is a tool for parents and therapists to support education in an easier, more efficient and more constant way. Leka is an interactive and multi-sensory smart toy, offering children with special needs the ability to play fun and educational games that motivates social interactions, that increase motor, cognitive, and emotional skills, as well as stimulates autonomy.

    Based on papers published in peer reviewed sources, Leka has been developed hand-in-hand with parents, therapists and caregivers, to aid in a variety of settings. From the office, to schools, to home, Leka is making therapy easier, more efficient, and more accessible.


  • > Play & robotics

    A companion to stimulate social interaction.


    Games & robots have shown great potential to help children with impared communication and social interactions. Today we are combining the power of both, in one solution: Leka.

    An interface to open to real world. A full range of sensory stimulations, able to spark curiosity, enjoyment, and encourage social inter-action with parents, siblings, therapists... A dedicated tool to help exceptional children connect with the real world and make them progress.


  • > Educational Application

    From a motivational toy to an educational tool.


    Through  play,  Leka  creates  the  opportunity  of  using the robot to achieve faster progress. To do so,  Leka  offers  a  large,  and  evolving,  array  of  applications to work on communication, sensory and motor skills, and cognitive learnings.

    Leka  has  been  designed  to  work  within  established comprehensive behavioral intervention approach and developmental curriculum (ABA, TEACCH, ESDM…).


  • > Research-based & user-centric designed

    Years of research on social robotics and developmental psychology has shown the learning potential of robots for children with Autism.

    Leka is aligned with research-based developmental milestones. Our educational applications are designed through qualitative studies, direct observation of children using Leka, and has been validated by the French Advisory & Scientific Board, an organization composed of some of France’s top researchers, therapists, caregivers, entrepreneurs and organization executives.